2016 School Starters Group

2016 School Starters Group

Our annual School Starters Group is targeted towards those children commencing Kindergarten in 2016.

It will be run by one of our Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

The group will run over four sessions from 9.30 to 11.30am on Monday, 18 January – Thursday, 21 January 2015.
This is a small group format with a maximum of 8 students.

Assessment and Therapy Services
Suite 702 (Level 7), 26 Ridge Street, NORTH SYDNEY

Who can attend
The group is suitable for any child starting school in 2016 (and particularly those who have had occupational therapy or speech pathology intervention).

The following areas will be targeted during the group:

  • Fine motor skills.
  • Pencil and paper skills.
  • Practising a correct pencil grip.
  • Movement and coordination (including balance and ball skills).
  • Practising good listening skills.
  • Using and responding to different question types.
  • Following directions (particularly those similar to classroom instructions).
  • Early literacy skills.
  • Practising story-telling and giving news with clear and audible speech.
  • Learning to take turns and other skills for group interaction during class time and recess/lunch.
  • Learning how to ask for help if unsure about what to do.

The customised program we provide will help children develop the skills to reach their full potential in preparation for starting Kindergarten.
Children will be given short homework tasks to complete at the end of each session.

Please contact us for more information.
Registrations close Tuesday, 1 December 2015.
Phone: (02) 9959 5799
Email: yael@northsydneytherapy.com.au or tiffany@northsydneytherapy.com.au