Does my child need speech therapy?

speech-pathology-21Difficulty with talking and communicating can make life more difficult for children of any age.

The experienced speech pathologists at ATS can help your child feel more confident, understand and express ideas clearly, have fun with peers, be less frustrated, be happier, get needs met at day care and achieve well at school.

Our friendly staff members are easy to talk to and ensure your child enjoys their visits to the clinic. Both parents and children are involved in planning and achieving the goals for improved talking and/or literacy. Your child will have fun whilst working towards their communication and/or literacy goals and increased confidence. Many children are disappointed when they no longer need to attend sessions as they have met their treatment goals!

The speech pathologists at ATS provide specialised assessment and therapy to children of all ages in the following areas:

Language / Learning Difficulties

  • listening skills
  • talking in longer sentences
  • following directions
  • comprehension (oral and reading)
  • problem solving (inferring, predicting, drawing conclusions)
  • social skills
  • reading
  • spelling
  • describing and explaining ideas
  • written expression
  • sentence construction
  • presentation skills
  • narrative and storytelling skills
  • essay writing
  • organisation
  • study skills

Speech Production / Oral Motor Skills

  • feeding and swallowing
  • unclear speech
  • lisps
  • tongue thrust
  • articulation errors

Voice Disorders

  • hoarse or husky voice
  • unreliable voicing
  • recurrent laryngitis


  • dysfluent speech