Does my child have a Communication Difficulty?

speech-pathology-23Answering yes to one or more of the following questions may indicate that your child would benefit from speech pathology treatment.

Does your child:

  • use fewer words or poorer sentence structure than other children of similar age?
  • use gesture instead of words?
  • show signs of frustration and “giving up” when trying to communicate?
  • have difficulty following instructions at home or school?
  • give incomplete information so that others have difficulty understanding the message?
  • have a short attention span?
  • have poor listening skills?
  • have difficulty staying on a conversational topic?
  • avoid or have difficulty answering questions?
  • a hoarse, husky or unusual voice quality?
  • appear to stutter or have dysfluent speech?
  • use limited eye contact?
  • have unclear speech or difficulty with pronunciation?
  • struggle to have conversations with their friends?

If you are concerned about the development of your child’s communication, please contact one of the experienced speech pathologists at Assessment and Therapy Services on: (02) 9959 5799
or email us at: