Specialist Tutoring

tutoring-40Our Specialist Tutoring area is a place of fun, purpose and achievement as students realise that ‘they can’ and ‘they do’.

Specialist Tutoring, headed by Wendy Wiseman, is an integral part of the professional services offered by Assessment & Therapy Services.

Wendy brings with her 25 years experience in the NSW Education Department Curriculum in Public and Private Schools, Specific Learning Difficulties and Language Transition for International Students.

Under the name Life Goals, Wendy has conducted interactive workshops in Primary and Secondary schools throughout NSW.
These are offered at ATS during holiday breaks.

Of equal importance is the experience Wendy brings as the Mum of a son and a daughter.

There are two areas of service offered:

One is the on-referral of those who have had their specific needs successfully addressed by the various therapists, but who still need to ‘catch up’ and be armed with strategies to confidently apply to their school work.

The second area is offered to new clients who come directly to Specialist Tutoring because they are not performing in school at the standard at which they know they are capable. Parents therefore request 1-to-1 specialist tuition for their children to:
a. identify the learning problem/s and
b. master the skills with which to move on to be where they want to be.

Wendy offers strategies to master many skills — each vital to all school subjects:

  • reading and writing skills
  • focus
  • verbal skills
  • comprehension
  • mind mapping
  • study skills
  • essay writing technique
  • listening skills
  • exam techniques

And not to overlook that thing called belief in yourself!

To make an appointment please contact Assessment and Therapy Services
on 02 9959 5799, call Wendy on 0404 269 178,
or email: wendy@northsydneytherapy.com.au