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2020 School Starters Group

We are pleased to announce a school readiness group program will be offered in January 2020.

This program has been tried and tested over many years at ATS and the children who have attended have really enjoyed the sessions and made great progress in their preparation for school.

The group is suitable for children starting school in 2020 and particularly those who have had speech pathology or occupational therapy intervention in the past.

The groups will run over 4x two hour-long sessions most likely from Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd January 2020 with school starting the following week.
Depending on numbers, we may run more than one group.
Children should be dropped off for the group and parents/guardians are invited to return 10 minutes before the end of each session to receive a verbal report on the activities each day.

Assessment and Therapy Services
Suite 702 (Level 7), 26 Ridge Street, North Sydney

The group/s will be run by experienced speech pathologists and occupational therapists with a ratio of two therapists to eight students.

The group/s are planned to meet the particular needs of the children enrolled in the program and will include work on the following:

  • Fine motor skills.
  • Pencil and paper skills.
  • Practising a correct pencil grip.
  • Movement and coordination.
  • Identifying and practising good listening skills.
  • Using and responding to different question types
  • Talking clearly (use all the sounds in the word).
  • Completing a news plan; telling news to the group.
  • Asking and answering questions.
  • Remembering and using people’s names.
  • Waiting quietly for a turn in a game.
  • Following directions during gross motor and fine motor tasks.
  • Learning about letters and sounds.
  • Play and social skills.

Download Form:
Click here to download the expression of interest form and return it to Maree Shakeshaft (speech pathologist).

Please contact us for more information.
Registrations close Friday 13 December 2019.

Phone: (02) 9959 5799